It’s all ‘Gobbledegook’ – communicating health research to young people

I have been meaning to write this post for some time and out walking with my dogs today I was catching up on 'Desert Island Discs' and listened to an interview with Dame Minouche Shafik, former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England and now Director of the London School of Economics.  Interestingly she began... Continue Reading →

Improving medicines for children (part 3) Developing age-appropriate tools to measure the acceptability of paediatric medicines

Welcome to the third post in a series on ‘improving medicines for children’. The series hopes to capture and report children and young people’s opinions about the medicines they take, their ‘wish’ list for future formulations and the importance of developing tools to assess if a medicine or medical device is acceptable to children and... Continue Reading →

Improving medicines for children (part 2) – What is important to children and young people?

This is the second post in a series on 'improving medicines for children'.  Part 1 highlighted the importance of asking children and young people's opinions about the medicines they take, and what medicines they would like researchers to develop in the future.  By asking their opinion and 'listening' to what young people have to say will... Continue Reading →

Improving medicines for children

As a parent or carer of a child have you ever considered the following: How children’s medicines are made? How are they tested and whether they are tested in children? Does mixing/crushing medicines into foods/drinks change the products efficacy and whether it can be harmful to your child? My point is do you ever think... Continue Reading →

What a month for Child Health Research – 3rd iCAN Research and Advocacy Summit 2017

Welcome to my first ever blog, I am writing this as facilitator of GenerationR Liverpool Young Person’s Advisory Group and co-founder of the European Young Person’s Advisory Group Network (eYPAGnet). This blog may be of interest to those working with young people and families in the field of paediatric health research. 3rd ANNUAL ICAN SUMMIT Most... Continue Reading →

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