What do children and young people think about Health, Privacy and Trust in a Digital World?

Digital technology and children's rights Digital technology has already changed our world – and as more and more children go online, it is also impacting their experience of childhood. More than 9 out of 10 children in the UK aged 5–15 go online, and this increases with age, ranging from 52% of 3–4 year olds... Continue Reading →

Improving medicines for children

Continuing the theme of ‘improving medicines for children’ we are working with the European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure (EPTRI), who are asking children (under the age of 18 years) around the world to complete a short questionnaire about how much they like the medicines they take, and how would they like their medicines to be. EPTRI... Continue Reading →

Ethical issues of health research involving children and young people

One of the biggest problems faced by researchers working with children and young people is understanding the ethical and legal frameworks that researchers need to follow to successfully undertake research in an ethical manner. To overcome these problems the Health Research Authority offer training (3 days per year) entitled 'The Ethical Issues of Research Involving Children'... Continue Reading →

Raising awareness of antibiotics in children and young people – Part 2

This is the second post in a series on how we are raising awareness about antibiotics to audiences of children and young people.  In part 1 we discussed the increased risk of antibiotic resistance, which poses one of the greatest global public health threats of our time. Antibiotics that were once life-saving are becoming of... Continue Reading →

Raising awareness of antibiotics in children and young people – Part 1

Rapsodies of antibiotic awareness Increased resistance to antibiotics poses one of the greatest global public health threats of our time. In a recent University of Liverpool Science and Society debate, Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England and Chief Medical Advisor to the UK government spoke about the global challenges of antimicrobial resistance.... Continue Reading →

Its all ‘Gobbledegook’ Part 2 – supporting children and young people when making decisions about taking part in research

This is the second post in a series on improving the way we communicate with children, young people and families about participating in health research. In Part 1 entitled 'Its all Gobbledegook' I highlighted that writing for patients (especially young patients) and their families about a particular piece of health research or clinical trial is quite... Continue Reading →

GSK Youth Council for Asthma

GSK is setting up a youth council for asthma.  This group of young people will contribute their ideas and opinions about asthma, research and technology. People need to be aged 8-18, have asthma and live in the UK.  Our first open day will be held after the closing date TBC. If you know of young... Continue Reading →

It’s all ‘Gobbledegook’ – communicating health research to young people

I have been meaning to write this post for some time and out walking with my dogs today I was catching up on 'Desert Island Discs' and listened to an interview with Dame Minouche Shafik, former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England and now Director of the London School of Economics.  Interestingly she began... Continue Reading →

Improving medicines for children (part 3) Developing age-appropriate tools to measure the acceptability of paediatric medicines

Welcome to the third post in a series on ‘improving medicines for children’. The series hopes to capture and report children and young people’s opinions about the medicines they take, their ‘wish’ list for future formulations and the importance of developing tools to assess if a medicine or medical device is acceptable to children and... Continue Reading →

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